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    S.L.A.G.S Golf Society

    S.L.A.G.S Golf Society

    "A drinking Society with a golfing problem"

    The Singapore Lager & Golf Society was formed in 1995 by a collection of vagabonds who were in urgent need of relief & time away from their partners on the weekends.

    The initial idea was to get out of Singapore for the day to Batam or Bintan, to help a few of the illegal aliens amongst us renew their visa’s and savour the delights of a S$1 beer with a group of like-minded golf loving gentlemen. A few changes to the rules and format of play have developed over the past 20-years, but the fundamentals are still the same, that is, no matter how high or low your hdcp may be, we all play together and enjoy the moment away from the kitchen sink.

    These days, we hold two competitions every month, one the traditional weekend Medal, usually in Batam or Bintan, and a WSF (work-shy fop) Medal midweek on a Singapore Course. Every year, we have 24+ events, as well as our 3 days away tour to Thailand in Jan/Feb every year.

    We also sign-up for any other events that are going that we are invited to, so you could end up playing 3 to 4 times a month without having to try.

    We are open to all newcomers from around the globe and look forward to spreading the good gospel of golf for the betterment of "Mankind", not "Womenkind".